Roma 110 Commercial Pizza Oven Wood 44"

Roma 110 Commercial Pizza Oven Wood only Tiled

The Roma110 commercial pizza oven is UL certified for indoor or outdoor installation. It is a small-size commercial pizza oven designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, caterers and vineyards looking for a gas or wood fired pizza oven to complement other cooking equipment.

The Roma is ideal for small to mid-sized pizzerias that want an oven capable of baking up to 120 10″ pizzas per hour. Excellent heat retention with quick recovery times, this pizza oven suits restaurant owners who want a quality pizza oven at a reasonable price.

Its stucco finish lends an attractive earthy appearance that suits outdoor cafes, vineyards and show kitchens that want a pizza oven that shows well to the customers. Completely assembled into a metal tray and stand, the Roma commercial pizza oven can be installed in minutes with a forklift.

Roma110 commercial pizza oven overview:

  • You can bake up to 6 10″ pizzas at a time; 120 per hour;
  • Capable of exceeding 900 degree temperatures;
  • Gas and Wood fuel available; no charcoal;
  • UL certified for indoor or outdoor installation;

Roma110 commercial pizza oven includes:

  • Complete commercial pizza oven assembly with steel tray;
  • Metal stand assembled in minutes;
  • Double wall insulated door with thermometer;
  • UL103HT rated chimney pipe and cap;
  • Decorative brick arch.
  • Optional 125,000 BTU gas burner option;
Fully Assembled

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