Andiamo 60 Assembled Wood Pizza Oven - 24"

Wood-Fired Cooking Where You Want It

These wonderful ovens deliver a true Italian wood-fired cooking experience where you want it. Featuring an attractive metal gabled enclosure, stand, and locking casters, the Andiamo ovens require zero set-up and they can be easily rolled into place—whether it is onto a patio, or out of the garage for a midwinter pizza party or roast turkey.

Lasts a lifetime

The Andiamo Series takes advantage of high-tech refractories and space-age insulators to deliver outstanding cooking performance and durability. The Andiamo ovens provide the ultimate balance of being big enough for serious cooking—while staying small enough to be easily moved where you want it.


Easily portable to better your entertaining experience.

Zero set up; just roll it into place and you are ready to go. Includes weather-proof, powder-coated gable enclosure with chimney, oven door, and metal stand. Copper enclosure with black stand.

Fully Assembled

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