Chicago Brick Oven Model Trailer Edition

Fire Up the Good Life while Entertaining!

Heat up your venue’s menu and sales from country clubs to hotels and wineries with Chicago Brick Oven. Hospitality profit is heating up with the warmth of wood-fired brick ovens from Chicago Brick Oven. Nothing attracts a crowd and centers and outdoor entertainment space quite like it. A wood burning brick oven from Chicago Brick Oven combines the glow and allure of a fireplace with an unmatched dining experience. And with portable models, you can have your staff cooking anywhere in a matter of minutes. Where will you get the party started?

Lasts a lifetime

This model is uniquely formulated with high-strength, cast-refractory, USA-sourced materials to unsure safe and reliable year-round cooking. They incorporate steel fibers into the formulation for long-term durability at intense heat levels.

Fully Assembled

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