CBO Model 750 Custom Wood-Fired Oven

The Model 750 is the perfect oven for large families and people who love to entertain a crowd. Make a meal into a feast.

Lasts a lifetime

In addition to the basic oven components, the Model 750 features an insulating door (for closed-door cooking and baking). With over 41″ x 28″ of cooking surface, you will have plenty of room to explore wood-fired cooking and impress your friends! Includes 5-piece oven (Dome, Arch, 3-piece Hearth), Decorative Door, Flue Adaptor, Flue Adaptor Ring, Install Kit (Insulating Board, Insulating Blanket, Mortar), and Cooking Kit (Insulating Door, Pizza Peel, Brush).


Enjoy cooking for your family and friends during large or small events.

DIY Assembly

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