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CBO Traditional Countertop Wood - Fired Oven 750

Our countertop models offer the best of both worlds a beautiful and permanent wood-fired oven without the time and expense of a full custom insulation. We take our 500 and 750 model ovens, insulating materials and a specially fabricated steel cabinet to create a beautiful, small-footprint oven that can be placed on a permanent base or countertop.

Lasts a lifetime

An authentic wood-burning oven means "in-chamber" fire. Only in-chamber fire produces the high heat and wood flavors that make everything taste better.


There's just something about cooking outdoors over a wood fire that brings people together. Create a taste that must be savoured with family and friends.

Includes Infrared Thermometer Gun, Pizza Peel and Brush

Now available in Solar Black

Fully Assembled

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