Ultimate Pizza Peel 16"

Our biggest peel of all for placing family-sized pizzas and larger or multiple loaves of bread. Made by Italy’s premier pizza tool producer with craftsman precision.

This deluxe pizza peel features a large 16″ blade (head). Its perforated waffle pattern minimizes weight and also leaves excess flour on the counter, not on the bottom of your pizza or in your pizza oven to reduce burning and bitterness. A strong, 59″ handle in light blue, anodized aluminum. The oval, tubular shape and attachment design cuts out fatiguing vibrations for maximum comfort.

Designed for commercial, and high-end residential use, this peel comfortably only fits Forno Bravo’s largest ovens. (Specifically, the 100/120-sized Casa, Toscana, Vesuvio, and Premio ovens, the Bella 32 – 40 steel ovens, and the Modena commercial ovens.)

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