RossoFuoco Mobile Trailer

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Portable Trailer

Canadian custom built mobile pizza oven trailers great for weddings, corporate functions and for family fun gatherings and so much more.

Available in Original or have a CUSTOM Wrap!

The RossoFuoco Mobile Pizza Oven Trailer is a lightweight, single-axle trailer with a mounted stainless steel wood fired pizza oven. Capable of baking five (5) to six (6) 10″ pizzas at a time, this pizza oven trailer is ideal for caterers, party rental companies, and tailgaters.

Using the Piu Trecento stainless steel pizza oven, this mobile pizza oven trailer has fast heat up times and is capable of reaching 800+ degrees in a little as 15 minutes. Ideal for caterers wanting to bake 70 to 100 personal pizzas per hour.

With a dry weight of 1,078 Lbs on a 2,200 Lb axle, this versatile mobile pizza oven trailer is solidly built, easily towed, and can be positioned by a single person.

Fully Assembled

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