Bistro Twister 130

Bistro Twister 130

Bistro Twister

Pavesi Bistro Twister Ovens meld classical and cutting edge culinary techniques into one exceptional oven with a rotating, refractory oven floor. Wood fuel is combusted within the oven hearth, to the side of the rotating floor. A steel ash catch allows wood to burn and drop into a fire-proof container placed on the floor underneath the oven. A state-of-the-art gas burner electronically reads the oven floor temperature to maintain the desired baking heat. Developed and manufactured in Modena, Italy for almost 50 years, Pavesi is a pioneer in high performance refractory materials.


The world’s only one-piece refractory floor. No tile gaps for incredible heat-transfer and retention.

Warranty Information

10 year limited warranty on internal refractory parts, 1-year limited warranty on electrical, gas and other components. See warranty document for details

Fully Assembled

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