Bella Ultra40 Portable Wood Fired Oven Black

Bella Ultra 40

The Bella Ultra 40 is a commercial size pizza oven cart featuring ultra-premium construction and materials — perfect for larger families and parties or catering events. With a 40″W x 28″D cooking floor and 1,120 sq. in. cooking space, the Ultra 40 is larger than most residential grills. It can bake 6 pizzas at a time, roast a large turkey and 4 to 5 roasting pans at once, or bake 24 loaves of bread. Made in Colorado USA

Lasts a lifetime

The Ultra 40 features all 304 stainless-steel, solid weldconstruction for the oven dome, landing, door, chimney and the pizza oven cart, promising years of worry-free, rust-free operation. The Ultra 40 cooking floor uses authentic firebrick baking stones with a higher cordierite content usually reserved for commercial oven applications to protect the floor from thermal shock and reduced “spalling.” The vent design on the Ultra 40 is outside the cooking chamber so the oven retains heat longer and the food has a more pronounced wood fired flavor.


The Ultra 40 is a great choice for entertaining large groups or catering events.

DIY Assembly

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