Vesuvio100 Assembled Tiled Oven With Stand - 40"

Vesuvio ovens feature a beautifully tiled enclosure for outdoor use and comes with a decorative powder coated steel stand. These hand crafted ovens are available in four sizes: 32. 36. 40 and 44 round cooking floor, each with a minimum 6 oven landing. The Vesuvio oven comes with Steel Door and Thermometer. These beautiful and innovative ovens feature a traditional center vent system where hot air exhausted from the oven is routed back over the oven dome and then vented through a stainless steel chimney pipe in the center of the dome.

Fully Assembled

May We Suggest

  • $361.00 CAD

This set is ideal for larger residential ovens.

  • $106.00 CAD

Point-and-shoot infrared thermometer accurate to 938F

  • $92.00 CAD

Terracotta casserole oval, 15" x 9", used to cook with in your pizza oven.

  • $146.00 CAD

Terracotta covered casserole round, 11.5" x 5", used to cook with in your pizza oven.

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