Wildfire Classico Pizza Oven

This oven has been designed to give you years of cooking pleasure using the most ancient method known to man – wood fired cooking.

Lasts a lifetime

This amazing oven is extremely flexible as it allows you to not only cook amazing pizzas in around 90 seconds, you can also use it to cook roasts such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc., casseroles, specialty dishes such as lasagna, meatballs, fajitas and you can also bake bread and other fancies such as sponge cakes in it!

And its flexibility doesn’t end there. Because it measures 23.6in wide and 26.8in long and weighs only 99lbs in total, it is perfectly portable so you can easily move it around the garden, or fit it into the boot of your car to take to a friend’s house for a party. But best of all, it can go with you if you ever move house, rather than having to leave it behind!

The wildfire portable pizza oven is 100% Made in Portugal, 100% Authentic wood fired oven, 100% no rust with 304 Stainless Steel construction frame and Aluminum body and vibrant quality powder coat paint, 100% Authentic clay brick stone baking floor and 100% High end top quality built wood fired oven from Portugal.


When cooking your own pizzas, there is no better way than to re-create authentic pizzas the way the Italians make them. And the only way to do this is to cook them in a good wood fired oven such as the Wildfire Oven. The reason for this is simple. The Wildfire Oven is very easy to light and it reaches a very high temperature very quickly (usually within 10-15 minutes). The wildfire pizza oven would be a great addition to your backyard for your entertainment needs. Make memories with the wildfire pizza oven, family and friends!

Fully Assembled

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Wildfire Portable Pizza Oven Cover

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