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Toscana90 H Series (Hipped) - 36"

Includes fully insulated and weatherproof finished “Gabled” pizza oven on a reinforce concrete hearth, steel door, and thermometer.

Lasts a lifetime

Wood-fired ovens use heat retained in the refractory dome and cooking floor, along with the option of a live fire or hot coals to create a range of different cooking environments. Your Toscana oven can work with a live fire, hot or warm coals and retained heat only. It is this unique cooking ability that let's you bake Italian pizza, hearth bread and great roasts in your Toscana oven, and that makes wood-fired cooking unlike any other type of cooking.


Great choice for your entertainment needs. Enjoy cooking in the company of your family and friends.

Optional metal stand frame. Requires mechanical assistance to be moved to its final location.

Fully Assembled

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