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Toscana100 G Series - 40"

Includes fully insulated and weatherproof finished “Gabled” pizza oven on a reinforce concrete hearth, steel door, and thermometer.

Lasts a lifetime

These fully assembled, extremely well insulated ovens are the right choice for homeowners who do not want to manage the oven-installation process and want to get started right away with their oven, or who might want to take their oven with them when they move. Using state-of-the-art refractory materials, 100% ceramic insulation and a sophisticated custom, multi-layer insulating hearth, the Toscana ovens offer fast heat-up time (about 45 minutes) and excellent heat holding capabilities.


Bakes authentic Italian pizza in 2-3 minutes with family and friends.

Optional metal stand frame. Requires mechanical assistance to be moved to its final location.

Fully Assembled

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