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Toscana100 D Series (Dome) - 40"

Toscana Home Pizza Oven

The Toscana Home Pizza Oven is a fully assembled pizza oven oven that features a distinctive decorative style a Mediterranean Igloo (or dome) with a true brick arch and oven landing. This oven style is finished in a beautifully painted stucco and available in seven standard colors.

The Toscana is a mid to large-sized home pizza oven for sale, made from our Casa2G home pizza oven kit. These ovens feature fast heat up times and the best heat retention available in the industry. This helps you bake the perfect pizza, hearth bread, roasts, and grilled meats.

The Toscana pizza ovens are certified and available as gas and wood fired pizza ovens for outdoor kitchens. They are also ETL certified to UL standards for indoor use as a wood fired pizza oven.

Color Choices:

Toscana Home Pizza Oven Specifications:

  • Four sizes: 32, 36″, 40″, and 44 cooking surfaces; all with an 8″ oven landing;
  • Extended decorative brick arch and landing;
  • You can bake 5 pizzas at a time, or up to 100 per hour;
  • ETL certified to UL standards+ for indoor installation as a wood fired pizza oven;
  • ETL certified to UL standards+ as wood or gas fired pizza ovens for outdoor installation, no charcoal

Toscana Pizza Oven Includes:

  • Complete oven assembly (Dome)
  • Steel stove pipe or masonry flue, depending on style;
  • Steel door with a built-in thermometer;
  • 7 Stucco colors included;

Optional Drago P1+ Outdoor Gas Burner Kit Includes:

  • Liquid Propane 51,000 BTUs; Natural Gas 38,000 BTUs;
  • Flame control system with pilot, low, and high flame settings;
  • Stainless steel guard to protect burner;
  • Remote thermocouple with wire and gauge;
  • Gas leak detector.

Optional for Toscana Home Pizza Oven:

  • Optional custom colors;
  • Pre-cured oven so you can cook on day one; $675.00
  • Double wall chimney for going through patio covers;
  • Pizza oven tools.

The Toscana Core Technologies:

  • 2 oven dome produced using a proprietary 142 pcf density, 8,230 psi strength refractory material with poly-fibers for additional strength not found in brick or clay ovens. All manufactured in our Castroville, CA factory using a two-sided, vibrated mold casting process.
  • NSF-4 certified 2″ oven floor is constructed using large 18x18x2 ultra-premium (2,700psi compressed and 2,650F kiln-fired) baking tiles with Cordierite for superior thermal shock resistance and durability, and for great pizza baking.
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each pizza oven includes a minimum of 3 of high-tech ceramic blanket dome insulation and 2 of ceramic board floor insulation eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite-based insulating concrete.
  • An interlocking dome design with a mono-block vent and with fewer, tighter seams, the Toscana home pizza oven for sale offers outstanding heat retention, cooking performance, and durability.
  • The gas-fired version of the Toscana home pizza oven provides a pizza baking experience that accurately replicates a true wood fire. The Toscana pizza ovens can operate in both gas-only and gas/wood modes.

Fully Assembled

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