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Toscana90 D Series (Dome) - 36"

Lasts a lifetime

The state-of-the-art dome is crafted from refractory cement; a true brick arch and landing add to the charm. Measuring 4" thick on the floor and 3" thick on the walls, the insulation is 100% ceramic. Also included is a stainless steel chimney (measuring 6" high), a powder-coated steel door with thermometer and a concrete hearth. Attractive, handmade smooth stucco finishes the look.


A pizza oven brings authentic Italian tastes to your patio and pool area, and our 36'' Toscana Pizza Oven is the perfect size for family dinners and neighborhood get-togethers - it can cook two to three 10" pizzas at once!

Includes fully insulated and weatherproof finished “Igloo” pizza oven on a reinforce concrete hearth, steel door, and thermometer. Optional metal stand frame. Requires mechanical assistance to be moved to its final location.

Fully Assembled

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