Premio2G110 Wood/Gas Modular Refractory Oven Kit

Premium pizza oven kit for the home and garden. Superior heat retention for throughput pizza and hearth bread baking. Includes everything you need to assemble a professional grade wood oven. Includes 3″ refractory dome and vent, firebrick tile cooking floor, 4″(41″) ceramic blanket dome insulation, 3″ ceramic board floor insulation, high temp mortar, 8″ x 24″ stainless steel chimney with rain cap, Insulated steel door and thermometer.

DIY Assembly

May We Suggest

  • $361.00 CAD

This set is ideal for larger residential ovens.

  • $106.00 CAD

Point-and-shoot infrared thermometer accurate to 938F

  • $79.00 CAD

Terracotta casserole oval, 12.5" x 7", used to cook with in your pizza oven.

  • $92.00 CAD

Terracotta casserole rectangle, 13.5" x 8", used to cook with in your pizza oven.

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