Modena2G120 Gas-Fired Commercial Oven - 48"

Modena2G fully assembled and fully insulated commercial gas with gas/wood combo pizza oven. Ready to fire and cook. High efficiency burner with electronic temperature controls. State-of-the-art refractories and insulation ensure efficient and high throughput cooking, fast heat up times and low fuel consumption. Can cook 14 pizzas at a time, or 140-160 per hour.

The Modena2G FA assembled ovens are available in 48″, 56″, 56″ x 64″ and 56″ x 72″ sizes, either wood-only, or Gas with Gas/Wood Combo.

Gas/Wood model includes the fully-assembled, fully-insulated oven with red metal enclosure and decorative brick arch, metal stand, steel door, thermometer, and gas burner with electronic control panel. Specify LP or natural gas.

Fully Assembled

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